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Nutri-Stahl has been manufacturing finest quality

stainless steel cookware

from its factory in Parow, Cape Town since 1977.

Our products are made from 18/10

stainless steel

, onto which is bonded a 8mm aluminium base. With its superior mirror finish, every unit undergoes quality control tests of the highest standard to ensure that they qualify for our

lifetime guarantee

on materials and workmanship.

Our extensive range comprises 16cm, 20cm, 26cm and 30cm diameter units of varying depths - the smallest being a 16cm 1 litre pot and the largest, a 30cm with a 12 litre capacity.

We have expanded into the electrical appliance market with the production of a superior quality 12 litre urn and electric fry pan. We have more recently focused on the outdoor market with the development of our




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